MG Custom Builders is a Santa Cruz County based residential custom home builder with over 20 years of home building experience. We specialize in ground-up construction, fine custom homes, large and small scale remodels, residential additions, and outdoor living spaces.


Our crew, led by owner and General Contractor Matt George, is one of highly dedicated employees who bring teamwork, positive attitude, attention to detail, and high end craftsmanship to every project.  We really take great pride in our work and strive to make the experience as painless as possible and fun for our clients.  We believe that optimism is the main ingredient to a successful project.


We approach all projects with respect to their individual needs, but each in a similar manner. We begin each client relationship by entering either a hard bid or cost plus (also known as Time and Materials) contract.

Hard Bid: A hard bid is when a contractor and a homeowner agree on a set price for a described scope of work. This work is then subject to change orders and added costs per the contract agreement. A hard bid contract is executed on a milestone completion basis.

Cost Plus (also known as Time and Materials): Cost plus is when a contractor and a homeowner decide to accomplish a described scope of work for the hard cost amount of labor and materials, plus the contractors profit and overhead. A cost plus contract is generally executed as a weekly or bi-weekly invoice.

Which is best for you?

We are happy to work either way. Which costing method we decide to use depends mostly on which one you prefer and are comfortable with. Personally we feel that our clients get the most value out of our cost plus contract because you only pay for exact costs to complete the job vs. a hard bid where your contractor and all of his subcontractors are made to sign onto a hard cost. The industry standard is to round up to pad a hard bid to ensure there is enough of a budget to accomplish the work. In 12 years we have never lost money on a hard bid project, meaning if that same work had been done on a cost plus basis, the homeowner could have saved money. We perform roughly half of our work as cost plus, and half of our work as hard bid.


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